An AIP food prep weekend

I spent the entire weekend in the kitchen. Prepping food for our extreme version of the Autoimmune Protocol.

A handblown glass compost receptacle (only slightly chipped: $3 at a thrift store) lends elegance to any food prep session...

A handblown glass compost receptacle (only slightly chipped: $3 at a thrift store) lends elegance to any food prep session…

I got cases of organic cucumbers, zucchini, cauliflower, purple cabbage & mushrooms on Friday, so I focused on those vegetables.

Luckily my #2 kid, who just moved into my basement suite, had only beer & sausages in his fridge, so I was able to fill it up with my overstock vegetation. No doubt his friends were awe-struck by his apparent commitment to vegetables.

I do most of the cooking & all of the meal planning around here. Not because I like it. I actually don’t like cooking at all. But because Matthew’s health is really bad and he can’t.

So I do.

I may not like it, but it feels really honest. Taking unadulterated plants & animal parts & turning them into delicious & (hopefully) healing foods.

I found myself wondering about my great-grandmothers for the first time in my life this weekend. What their lives were like. Pretty much like my weekend, maybe. Except on repeat forever with wood-fired cookstoves, no birth control & no vote.

It’s like a form of time travel to spend long days in the kitchen. At least for me.

My #1 kid is a sous chef in San Francisco & voluntarily spends all her days in the kitchens of the happening-est restaurants in the Bay Area.

But to me, as a person who would have no regrets if I never had to cook again (as long as the quality of my food didn’t suffer) working with unmodified food intensively for 2 days felt as though our 100-year obsession with convenience food-products had been put aside.

It’s like I am continuing from where we left off before all that convenience-madness happened. But with a few perks like electricity & the internet.

Here’s what happened in my kitchen this weekend:

Zucchini canoes

Zucchini canoes

  • Zucchini canoes with ground lamb & chicken;
  • Cauli-rice;
  • Tabbouleh;
  • Marinated Cauliflower;
  • Collard Greens & mushrooms;
  • Zucchini pasta with avocado pesto;
  • A triple batch Martha Stewart’s Cauliflower & watercress soup (AIP-modified);
  • A vast batch of Everyday Maven’s Roasted cabbage;
  • Green salad;
  • Beef Bone broth (Simmered for 36 hours!);
  • Slow-cooker brisket (actually, Matthew did the brisket);
  • Kalua Pig (it was a 2 slow-cooker weekend);
  • Baked Halibut;
  • Steak & lamb kidney (hey hey, Matthew did that, too);
  • Beef portobello burgers;
  • Two rounds of Coconut rooibos lattes. They are actually incredibly soothing. And when the love of my life is this unwell & I have to spend the weekend doing something I don’t like, warm soothing drinks are good;
  • And I blanched & froze a bunch of zucchini;

Here’s what my fridge looked like on Sunday night:


Ready for an AIP workweek!


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9 responses to “An AIP food prep weekend

  1. hi,
    I love the fridge looks so clean and food is visiable as to what to eat today. Thanks for great suggestion and we will follow your idea.

  2. Helen

    Hey Petra, I’m wondering if you are doing any gut healing protocols? I’ve got some good resources if you’re interested.

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  4. So impressed!!!by you, your writing , and your dedication to the positive

  5. I’m getting some great ideas here! Great work!

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